Welcome to our innovative pricing system! With our credit-based approach, you're in control of your learning/practice experience. Say goodbye to restrictive packages – purchase credits to access all our on-going offerings. Each class is valued in credits based on factors like type, duration, teacher preferences and expertise.

For instance:

The magic of our credit system lies in its flexibility. Mix and match across categories, satisfying your curiosity and exploring diverse passions without constraints. Let us know if you have any questions!


12 credits for $55 good for 2 weeks.

Limited time offer. Sole user.

PACKAGES: Good for 1 year.

24 credits $264 ($11/credit)

60 credits $600 ($10/credit)

120 credits $1020 ($8.5/credit)

240 credits $1320 ($5.5/credit)

MEMBERSHIPS: Month to Month

12 credits/month $108 ($9/credit) 

24 credits/month $192 ($8/credit)

36 credits/month $252 ($7/credit)

48 credits/month $288 ($6/credit)

60 credits/month $300 ($5/credit)

Membership credits are good for 30 days from date of purchase. Cancel anytime with 2 weeks notice by Email to

Gift cards are available for any amount.

Please note that there is an additional cost if you pay with a credit card. To avoid that fee, you can pay directly with your bank account.

More questions? Check our FAQ or email us